Application for Certification

Present Employment: Please list all duties required by your present employment and indicate primary responsibilities.

Academic Record:

High School:


Submittal of the following material is required: (Application will not be considered without proper documentation.)
o A completed application form and a $25.00 non-refundable application fee payable to VSLD.
o Two professional endorsements and three letters of reference from previous clients.
o A separate résumé identifying past employment and any additional training, skills, and interests you may have involving leadership, community service, technical certifications, etc.
o A comprehensive landscape master plan drawn to scale that best represents the designer’s professional skills and abilities. (Please note that student work may not be submitted for certification.)
o A type-written “Design Intent” which fully describes how the design satisfies the site requirements, client’s desires, and designer’s goals.
o A plant specification list.
o Before and after photos (optional but recommended for accurate evaluation of the design.)

Please Note: Application and fee deadlines for certification are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Application materials will not be returned.

Please mail all required material and a check payable to VSLD for the application fee of $25.00.

Mail to:
Janet Baruch, VSLD Membership Chair
Greenway Gardens
23 Towana Rd
Richmond, VA 23226

(804) 357-0255

Professional Endorsements (Two landscape professionals required-including a current certified VSLD member.)
I am acquainted with the applicant and honestly believe that the individual will be an asset to the VSLD and that the individual is well qualified and entitled to practice as a Landscape Designer.

Client References (Three required)
Please mail letters of reference from three previous clients to the application and list their contact information below. References are to have no relation with class projects and only one reference is allowed per project.

Applicant’s Statement: I hereby apply for membership in the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers and in so doing agree to observe all rules and regulations of the Society. I further agree to conduct my professional affairs at all times based on honesty, fairness, and the highest standards of quality.