Application For Student Membership

Student Member:
This category of membership is available to students of Landscape Design/Horticulture at an accredited college or university. Students may remain in this category up to two years after graduation in order to gain experience toward certified membership application. This is a non-voting membership category.
Professional Endorsement (One professor or instructor under whom you are studying required.)
I am acquainted with the applicant and honestly believe that the individual will be an asset as a Student Member of the VSLD
Please submit this application form and a check payable to VSLD for the annual membership dues of $30.00.

Mail to:
Janet Baruch, VSLD Membership Chair
Greenway Gardens
23 Towana Rd
Richmond, VA 23226

(804) 357-0255

Applicant’s Statement: I hereby apply for membership in the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers and in so doing agree to observe all rules and regulations of the Society. I further agree to conduct my professional affairs at all times based on honesty, fairness, and the highest standards of quality.